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Email Is NOT Dead: Why You Need To Seriously Consider Pivoting To First Party Data

November 29, 2021

Kyle Kostechka interviewed the Chief Business Officer at LiveIntent, Jason Oates, about the role of programmatic email advertising in marketing, the death of the third party cookie, and how brands can pivot and start to develop their own first party data.

Primarily, the email address. A mobile ID and phone number are not enough. Email is the largest human identifier EVER created. Enrich your email address to authenticate other IDs and own your own data!

Email is not dying; it's thriving more than ever before. Email is like oxygen, EVERYONE needs it. It is larger than all internet activity combined and it's the number one way brands can communicate with customers.

E-comm brands should be leveraging programmatic ad platforms that have over 25000 publishers, because it's still a performance marketing platform.

Performance marketing is not a pricing model, it's an outcome.

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